Where Can I Buy A Dog House?

If you are serious about the comfort, safety and welfare of your pet dog, getting a dog house for it will be on your priority list. 

Dog houses protect your dog from the cold, rain, heat, sunshine or whatever else the elements may throw at it. 

In this article, we give you ten (10) different places you can get your dog a dog house.

Ten Places To Buy A Dog House

Now that you are aware of what to look out for when you buy a dog house, let’s show you where you can buy these dog houses. 

K9 Kennel Store

There are a variety of doghouse options to be made on this website. These include well insulated and elevated aluminum dog houses. 

  • One good thing about these sellers is that every available product is well described, each with a YouTube video, so you know exactly what you are buying. 
  • Each dog house comes in different sizes depending on your choice. The prices are fairly affordable. Shipping is available, but mainly to continental US.

Bow Wow Dog Houses 

These sellers have a nicely designed website. Making orders on it, however, will require requesting for a quotation based on your specific dog house choices. 

  • The dog houses for sale here are high quality and environmentally friendly, according to the manufacturers. 
  • All the houses are customizable to taste. They come with options for locking wheels, sliding windows, solar powered exhaust fans, front porches, decks, dog house legs etc. 

Prices vary depending on size. Small sized dog houses start from around 300 dollars while larger houses could go for about 600 dollars. 

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Wayfair have a wide range of dog houses available for sale on their nicely designed website. 

  • There are very cheap dog houses from as little as 50 dollars for a plastic dog house, to about 600 dollars for a cozy cottage dog house. 
  • Several items are available for free shipping as orders over $49 usually qualify for free shipping. Orders under $49 are shipped at a flat shipping rate.

Leonard Dog Houses

Leonard Dog Houses sell high quality dog houses. These houses come with an option for partial customization depending on taste. 

  • Quotations have to be requested to get the prices for the dog houses available for sale. One of their choice dog houses is a nicely made Dog House Condo with a fenced porch, a doggy and an adult door. 

Don’t expect these dog houses to come cheap. 

Blythe Woodworks

This is a family owned business based in North Carolina. They specialize in exquisite wooden handmade and custom dog houses. 

  • Most of the houses are exclusively made of Cedar wood, which is a choice wood type for dog houses. They are made with top quality wood finish. 
  • The dog houses are all customizable to include desired accessories. However these ones don’t come cheap. 
  • The prices range from medium sized dog houses at about $400 to the Goliath Duplex Dog House at about $2000. 

Regardless of the price, you can be assured of a quality purchase. All products are shipped for free within the US.

Cedar Dog House

These sellers offer custom designed dog houses with a price range from $400 to $2000. The dog houses are top quality Cedar wood dog houses. And they offer free shipping for all dog house orders within the United States. 


Petco is a website dedicated to all things pet accessories. The online retailers offer very affordable dog houses. 

  • If you are not keen on breaking the bank to purchase a dog house, you could check the ones available here. 
  • Be sure to check for the specifications and customer reviews of each item before buying, so you’ll know exactly what you are getting. Free shipping is available for all orders over $49.

Official Dog House

Official Dog House sell dog houses and other dog house accessories on their very well-designed website. 

  • There is a wide range of dog houses available on their platform, which could leave you spoiled for choice. 
  • Many budget dog houses are available for purchase with prices ranging from $100 to $600. Free shipping is available for all orders over $299.


PetSmart is the website for any dog/pet accessories. They sell highly affordable dog houses with prices ranging from $100 to $300.

  • They also offer free shipping for most doghouses to locations within the US. 

Rockstar Puppy Boutique

A note of warning here, the name “Rockstar” is no joke. Apparently, Rockstar Puppy Boutique must’ve been targeting rock stars as clients. 

  • They offer premium custom-made dog houses and to call them expensive is an understatement. 
  • The price range starts from about $6000. They have dog houses that are as expensive as $50 000. 

So except you are a major league baseball player or an NBA star, you might want to skip this one. 

  • Nevertheless, they do offer some of the best dog houses you might ever see. Some designs are inspired by real buildings like the Taj Mahal and the Hamptons. 

There are also specially crafted dog houses modelled after fire stations, pianos and even bank vaults. This one is truly for the premium spenders. 

How To Choose The Right Dog House For Your Dog

The objective of a dog house is to keep your dog safe and comfortable irrespective of outside conditions. 

With this in mind, here are some cardinal factors to consider as you make your dog house choice. 

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The dog house is your dog’s private space. So, it should be fit to specifications, pretty much like clothes fit a person. 

  • The size of your dog will determine the size of the dog house. So, firstly, you must have the measurements of your dog. 

Measure its shoulder height, standing height and length. Dogs feel more secure in small spaces, so don’t get carried away by big fancy dog houses. 

  • Ideally, the house should be 25% higher than the dog’s standing height. And the height of the door to the dog house should be 75% of the shoulder height of the dog. 
  • The dog house length should be slightly longer than the length of the dog. Make sure the house is big enough for the dog to turn around in and lie fully stretched as well. 

When buying a dog house for a puppy, research the eventual average weight and size that your dog could grow to to find out the required dimensions of the dog house. 

  • Also, in your house size, consider the space for any accessories you might put in the house. 

Material Choice

Most dog houses are made of either plastic, wood or metal. Let’s look at all three.


Plastic dog houses are lighter and therefore easier to transport. They are the least expensive of the three material types. 

  • Some advantages of plastic dog houses over wood, is that they do not rot, they have no splinters, nor do they require finishing. 

The problem of fleas and ticks are also almost non-existent with plastic dog houses. 


Wood is the most preferred material to build dog houses with. This is because they are more comfortable and provide better insulation than plastic dog houses. 

They also provide better protection against other weather elements than plastic dog houses. 

Wood houses are more easily customized and adaptable to add-ons. 

  • The biggest challenges with wood dog houses are ticks and fleas which are harmful to the dogs. 

However, cedar is more resistant to ticks and fleas and will be the most suitable type of wood to construct a dog house. 

  • Be careful that the wooden dog house is not treated with any toxic paint that may harm your dog if chewed upon. 


Metal dog houses are usually referred to as dog boxes. They are mostly used to transport dogs for shows and sporty events. 

  • Metal dog houses are not commonly used as permanent dog houses. They are usually well built and highly durable but quite expensive. 

Most metal dog houses are made of aluminum or stainless steel. They typically come insulated, since metal is a poor insulator. 

Doorway And Door

The doors should be just big enough for your dog to get in and out. If they are too big, they will allow excess heat loss in winter and over expose your dog to the elements. 

The house should come with a door for extra protection, especially if the dog house has a centred doorway. 

Roof Type

Roof type is peculiar to wooden dog houses. The roof types could be the classic pitched roof, single panel roof, or loft or sundeck styled roof. 

  • Whichever one, decide carefully on the protective covering of the roof. It could be wood (as shingles, plywood or boards), metal or asphalt shingles. 

They all have their pros and cons which you need to be aware of. 

Raised Floor

The floors of dog houses are best elevated as this increases insulation. Elevated floors also keep moisture away from your house and your dog. 

They provide an extra protection against flea infestation. The elevation also prevents rotting of wood dog houses. 

  • Choose decay resistant wood like cedar or redwood as materials for the floor of the dog house, to minimize rotting. 

Whatever dog house type you’ve decided on and whatever you have budgeted for your dog house, you can be sure to find something suitable in any of the listed options. 

We purposely left out the obvious retailers Amazon and Walmart as we are sure that basically everybody knows that you can get affordable dog houses there if you desire to. 

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While you shop, don’t forget the things you should pay attention to!

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