How To Tell Someone Not To Bring Their Dog To Your House

Most dog owners love their dogs. There are a few who are so attached to their dogs that they can hardly go anywhere without them. If dogs were allowed in offices, you will be able to spot these folks. 

Now, dogs are loyal friends, a steady companion. So, it’s not difficult to see why they are so loved by those who own them. 

There is another group of people, though, who don’t have that affectionate disposition towards dogs, of whom you are probably one. And this aversion could be a result of basically anything.

Probable Reasons Why You Do Not Want A Dog In Your Home

  • Now, truthfully dogs are naturally adorable and lovable but some breeds could be quite fearsome. 

If you have been chased down by a dog, you’re not likely to be such a fan of dogs. Some will grow up and shake off that fear somehow. However, some will never be able to and that is totally fine. 

So, you can imagine that someone who has grown up with this fear will not even consider the thought of having a pet dog. 

Now, imagine you pay them a visit with your pet Rottweiler. Chances are, it’s not likely to end well. 

Many dog lovers may wonder why people will be afraid to be around their dogs. To them, their dogs are really cute, adorable creatures, that there’s nothing to fear about them. 

So, you could understand why it might not occur to them that some people will not welcome their dogs to their home. 

  • However, it’s not all about the fear of getting bit by a dog. Some folks have other relatable reasons why they simply don’t want any dogs in their homes. 

Some are allergic to dogs. This is a health-related issue and so no one wants to joke with it. 

Allergic reactions can be really brutal. It is such a pity to be allergic to pretty little creatures like dogs, but it does happen. 

It’s not impossible that folks who are allergic to dogs once had dog pets themselves, only to discover having them was dangerous to their health. 

So, before you get upset with someone because they don’t want your dog in their home, consider that the homeowner might be allergic to dogs. 

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  • Another reason some folks will not tolerate dogs in their home has to do with their home decor. If they have delicate furniture, they certainly won’t want dogs (especially dogs that like to chew), anywhere near their house. 

We all know how dogs could be hyperactive, and easily make a mess of things. Chewy dogs can particularly get on your nerves. 

Once they chip off at any furniture in the home, you know you have to start looking for a replacement. No one will like it if a visiting dog is responsible for destroying your delicate furniture. 

For some home keepers who care deeply for their home decor, don’t be surprised that they ban dogs from their home. 

  • For some, it’s the problem of having to deal with pet hair getting stuck on their furniture. Already this is often an uphill battle for dog owners. There would be folks who won’t appreciate joining you in this battle.
  • Some pet owners would rather not have visiting pets in their homes either. Now this might be surprising, considering how they’ll understand the bond between pet and owner. 

But it could be precisely because of this owner-pet bond that they establish a “no dogs allowed” policy. Some pets (dogs inclusive) get agitated or aggressive at the sight of other animals in the house. 

If a pet owner notices this, the decision to ban outside dogs from coming to their home could be enforced. 

  • In houses with lush gardens and vegetation, home owners may adopt a no-dog policy to outlaw the accommodation of dogs in their home. 

You know how dogs could pick up a digging habit. It will truly be offensive to have a visiting dog dig up holes in and around your house environment. They could even destroy vegetation in such environments.

So certain folks could be protective of their house and properties, which could lead to a no-dog rule in their cribs. As a dog owner, you need to understand their point of view as well. 

Conveying The No-Dog Rule Message

Before They Come

Dogs are culturally acceptable pets. So, some folks might be offended at a request to not come along with their dogs to visit. 

This might create a dilemma if you are one of those who does not like dogs in their homes. How do you tell your friends or visitors not to bring their dogs to your house without coming across as being rude or inconsiderate? 

  • Well, one way to do this is to get on with it and be upfront about it. Here’s the thing, it’s a lot more difficult to deny your visitor’s dog entry into your home when your visitor is already at your doorstep. 

This could put you in a sticky situation. So, to avoid such, let your friends and colleagues know that you do not appreciate dogs in your homes before they come to your home. 

  • You could pass the message across very nicely in a warm and friendly phone call or chat. Be polite and try as much as you can to be accommodating while you pass the message. 

Don’t come across as being a dictator laying down a law. Truly, it is your house, but you don’t have to be bossy about it. You can convey your message in a friendly and firm way. 

If you have to explain why you don’t accommodate dogs, go ahead. we don’t think anyone will be upset that you refused to allow their dogs into your home because you are allergic to dogs. 

Also, if your visitor has a way to alleviate your fears, they could make a suggestion. For instance, your visitor could be willing to use a muzzle to stop their dog biting on your furniture.

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They’re There Already

If, however, it happens that you have a visitor with their dog at your house and you have failed to inform them of your no-dog policy prior to their visit, what do you do? 

  • Well, firstly be polite. No one’s really at fault here. Do your best to be as accommodating as you can be. If the visit will not be a long one, you could try to find a safe space for the dog to stay. 

More importantly let your visitor know your no-dog policy and the reason why you have it. They are in the best position to prevent your fears from being a reality. 

They would be in the best place to know how to take precautions in controlling their dog. Of course, that’s assuming your visitor is responsible. 

  • If the visit will be for a while, then you can politely suggest that the dog be kept on a leash outside the home. If your concerns are well explained, your visitor should not have any reservations to oblige you. 

You could consider giving the dog a nice treat or a toy to play with to keep it occupied. This way you pass the message across, that you don’t like dogs in your home. However, you’ll do it in a polite way. 

The next time the same visitor comes to your home, they will know better than to come with their pet. 

Oh well, some folks might not take the hint early. If they visit you again with their pet, you might have to be firmer about your no-dog policy. 

Your home belongs to you. And yes, you run things there. Your rules are the rules. Don’t be afraid to enforce your policies especially when your health could be at stake. 

For The Visitor With The Dog

If you are the pet owner who loves to go everywhere with their dog, there are basic things you ought to know and do. 

  • Firstly, there’s certainly nothing wrong with taking your dog along with you for visits, you just need to ensure that your host is comfortable with it. 

As you probably know, not everyone is comfortable being around outside dogs, let alone having one in your home. 

There are a few things you could do to save you from being in the awkward situation of being your dog to a home where it is not welcome. 

  • Firstly, ask. Find out from your host if it is okay to come along with your dog. This is the polite thing to do. Make a simple phone call before you arrive at their home or chat them up on their mobile phones. 

Some people consider it rude to show up at their doorstep with a dog, without prior notification. 

Calling ahead is, perhaps, the easiest thing you can do to avoid a sticky situation. Depending on the response, if your dog is not the type to stay at home alone for long hours, you could make an arrangement to have someone watch it while you are away. 

  • Even if your host is open to having your pet in their home, ensure your dog is best behaved while it is there. 

That means that before you start taking dogs into people’s homes, you must be at the top of your training game. You need to be able to control your dog at your hosts home. 

For instance, it would be a shame to have your dog pooping all over your host’s apartment or messing up the furniture. If your dog cannot be controlled, it’s best you don’t bring them along. 

  • One of the most annoying things any host will hate to see in their apartment is pet hair. Of course you can’t stop your furry pet from shedding, but you can try to reduce the amount of hair they can shed at your host’s apartment. 

Before setting out for a visit, give your dog a nice grooming. Brush its coat very well. This will remove any loose hair on their coat. 

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There you have it, you can always find an amicable way to ensure a visiting dog is the least of your fears. 

Communication is key in this regard. Both visitors and hosts need to communicate and look out for each other, as well as show some selflessness if needed. Whatever you decide to do, also look out for the dog’s wellbeing too. 

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