Best Insulated Dog House

Every dog deserves a safe space to stay, play and sleep in. They deserve to be comfortable and safe. Even if you have a dog that stays indoors with you, it is still advisable that you create a dedicated space for your dog. 

If you have an outdoor dog, this is even more important. This is where the importance of dog houses is highlighted. 

Our outdoor pets need to be protected from the elements while also being kept safe. And a dog house makes this possible. 

If you live in harsh conditions, whether hot or cold, the role of the dog house surpasses just being a roof over your dog’s head. It must also protect them from the harsh weather conditions. And not all dog houses are designed to do this. 

However, insulated dog houses are designed to maintain the temperature of the dog house at conducive and safe levels for the dog. 

Getting a good insulated dog house could be a herculean task as many dog houses come with no insulation whatsoever. 

Some dog houses are equipped with some features that help to create some sort of insulation. There are also dog houses with insulation that need to be complemented with further insulative features. 

In this article, we’ll take you through some dog houses built with insulation. We’ll also take you through a few dog houses that can be simply modified to provide sufficient insulation for your dog. 

Best Insulated Dog Houses You Can Buy

Aspen Dog House from Petmate — Rear-Air Ventilation System

Petmate is a manufacturer of pet accessories such as leashes, pet toys, food bowls, pet beds amongst others. This Aspen dog house is designed with a durable all plastic construction. 

Naturally, it is resistant to rot and mold. It is also pest resistant. That means you do not have to battle fleas and ticks with this dog house. It is also easy to assemble, thanks to its quick snap latches. 

The Aspen dog house is designed with a rear air ventilation system for improved air flow. This keeps your dog more comfortable as it receives a constant flow of fresh air. 

There is an extended roof guard rim over the door of the dog house to keep snow and rain away from the interior of the house. 

A raised floor protests the house from moisture that could seep into the interior from a wet ground. 

Its unique shape and thick plastic design provide the required insulation for the dog irrespective of the weather. 

However, you can improve the insulation of the house in cold weather by adding straw beddings to the floor of the house and closing the ventilation holes. 

It is available in three sizes. Its small size caters for dogs that weigh less than 25 pounds. Its medium size is designed for dogs in the weight range of 25 to 50 pounds. And the large size caters for dogs that weigh between 50 and 90 pounds. 


  • Durable plastic construction
  • Rear air ventilation holes. 
  • Extended roof guard rim.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Rot, mold and pest resistant. 
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ASL Deluxe Dog House — Electrical Floor Heater

The ASL Deluxe Dog House is a popular insulated plastic dog house. For insulation, this unit comes with an 18 × 18 square inch electrical floor heater that is specifically designed for this house. This will come in handy in very cold weather. 

Apart from this, the house is built with insulation. It has 2-4 inches thick Styrofoam boards embedded in every panel of the dog house. 

For more protection, the floor is raised 4 inches from the ground which keeps the base and bedding area of the dog warm. 

The interior of the floor is sloped for easy cleaning. And water used to clean the interior of the house can easily be drained out through a drain hole. This makes cleaning easier and faster. 

The dog house is made with very hard polypropylene plastic material which is also non-toxic. Therefore the plastic dog house is safe for your dog to stay in even if it chews at it. 

This plastic material is resistant to UV rays and does not easily crack due to temperature changes. 

It has a self-closing door to ensure the conditions inside the house are maintained. The door can be completely or partially removed if desired. 


  • Embedded with 2-4-inch-thick Styrofoam boards for insulation.
  • Raised floor up to 4 inches high. 
  • Sloped floor to easily drain water. 
  • Made of hard polypropylene plastic.
  • Resistant to UV rays.
  • Self-closing door. 
  • Outside dimensions: 38.5 × 31.5 × 47.5 cubic inches.
  • Inside dimensions: 30.5 × 24 × 35.5 cubic inches.
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Indigo Dog House — Roof Vents

The Indigo dog house is an igloo shaped heavy duty dog house that is designed to provide adequate insulation for your dog in hot or cold weather. 

It is designed with an offset doorway to shield your pet from rain and snow. Vents at the top of the roof help to circulate fresh air within the dog house. And these vents can be closed during cold weather to maintain warmth within the dog house. 

For added protection against moisture, the floor of the dog house is raised. Side moats around this dog house drain out any water from the roof to ensure the house is kept dry. 

The unit comes with Microban Antimicrobial protection to prevent the growth of stain and odor carrying bacteria. 

The house does not come with a door, but a Petmate Indigo door can be bought and installed to the unit. Also, you can purchase the Petmate Indigo pad to improve the insulation of this dog house. 

The dog house is designed to accommodate dogs that weigh from 25 to 175 pounds. It comes in medium, large and extra-large options, depending on the size and weight of your dog. 

This dog house is rather quite expensive. So, if you are going for this, you should be ready to spend quite an amount. 


  • Offset doorway
  • Roof vents for improved air circulation.
  • Has Microban Antimicrobial Protection
  • Accommodates dogs weighing between 25 and 175 books. 
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Petsfit Dog House — Weatherproof

This Petsfit dog house is a wooden weatherproof dog house that is designed to keep you safe from snow, rain and the sun. It is made with Cedar wood. 

To protect the floor from moisture, it is raised above the ground. This also creates a layer of insulation to keep it warm. 

The house is designed with an offset door for protection against the elements and it comes with a door flap. 

Assembling the dog house is made easier by the presence of pre-drilled holes. Also, cleaning is made easier thanks to its removable floor and open-up roof. 

The roof is made with waterproof asphalt material. A water-based paint was used to coat the house making it safe for your dog. 

The unit can be purchased with a custom made removable and washable canvas material filled with EPE foam. 

This material is designed to insulate the dog house effectively. It is easy to install and can easily be removed and stored in a separate case during warmer conditions. 


  • Open-up roof
  • Raised and removable floor
  • Canvas, EPE filled insulative material.
  • Painted with water-based paint.
  • Made from Cedar wood
  • Offset doorway with door flaps. 
  • Waterproof asphalt roof. 
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Pets Imperial Dog House — Thick Walls

The Pets Imperial dog house is a study dog house made from animal friendly treated timber that is designed to be long lasting. All the panels of this dog house are insulated. 

The insulation consists of a 0.47-inch tongue and groove, a 0.51-inch Styrofoam and a 0.08-inch of plywood board. This provides superb insulation for the dog house and ensures that the house is kept cool in summer and warm in winter. 

As is expected for any insulated dog house, the floor of this dog house is raised 2 inches above the ground. This also prevents moisture and pests from getting into the wooden house. 

The legs of the house are fitted with rot-free plastic cap feet. These legs can be adjusted to keep the house level when placed on uneven surfaces. 

The wall’s thickness contributes to the safety and insulative property of the house. Pets Imperial contend that their dog house is far thicker than all other dog houses on the market.

For easy maintenance, the floor of the house can be removed to gain access into the interior of the house as you clean. The roof of the house can also be opened, thanks to 2 locking arms that hinge the roof to the dog house. 

This house is installed with two support rails that are designed to carry weights up to 154 pounds. Even the heaviest dogs will find this dog house comfortable. 


  • Raised and removable floor.
  • Open-up roof.
  • Insulated wall panels
  • Adjustable legs
  • Made from animal-friendly treated timber
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Easy-To-Insulate Dog Houses

Some houses are not fitted with insulative materials yet, with just a few modifications, you could have a well-insulated dog house. Let’s look at some of these types of houses. 

Arf Frame Dog House From Pet Squeak — Non-Toxic

The Arf Frame dog house is one of Pet Squeak’s most popular dog houses. It is a solidly built dog house that will stand impressively in your backyard. 

The dog house is built with naturally weather resistant and non-toxic White Cedar wood. This wood is known for its strong fresh scent and pest resistant property. 

The floor of the house is raised to protect the house from moisture that could penetrate from the ground. Another moisture resistant property is found in its sheer lined inner roof.

The dog house is also easy to assemble according to its users. The house is designed to be a close-fitting habitat for dogs that prefer a tighter house. This is why adding a few insulative materials will yield a well-insulated dog house. 

The dog house is available in extra small, small and medium sizes. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Weather resistant and non-toxic Cedar wood.
  • Raised floor. 
  • Lightweight and durable. 
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Trixie Classic Dog House — Draft Resistant

The Trixie dog house is another nice looking wooden dog house. It is designed with weatherproof pine construction. The house is also designed to be draft resistant with its groove and tongue feature. 

A raised floor that is also removable allows for air circulation underneath the dog house. This provides some degree of insulation for the dog house. It also makes it easier to access the interior of the house when cleaning it. 

The feet of the dog house are adjustable and so the house can be placed on uneven surfaces comfortably. 

A hinged roof allows you to open the dog house and gain easy access into the interior. The Trixie dog house does not come with a door. However, a separate Trixie door can be purchased for the dog house. This dog house comes with a one-year warranty. 

Because it is made from solid wood, adding a few insulative materials to this dog house is all you need for a well-insulated dog house. This dog house is available in medium and XXL sizes. 


  • Weatherproof solid Pine wood 
  • Removable and raised floor.
  • Open-up hinged roof.
  • Adjustable feet.
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Rockever Dog House — Leak Proof

The Rockever dog house is a leak proof unit designed to survive heavy rain. Its slanted roof redirects rain water away from the interior of the house. 

To further protect against moisture the floor of the house is raised from the ground. The floor is also removable to create access into the dog house. This is the same reason the roof of the dog house is designed to be open. 

Assembling the dog house is made easier thanks to the pre-drilled holes on the unit. A vinyl door flap protects the dog from weather elements. It helps to keep the dog house warm and dry at all times. 

The house is also designed with a plastic window, which can be removed to aid ventilation in the summer. 

The door of the house is off centered and this helps to protect the dog from the direct impact of the elements. Also, the house is made of Fir wood. 

You can purchase this unit in any of the available three sizes: small (for dogs under 30 pounds), medium (for dogs between 30 and 50 pounds) or large (for dogs between 50 and 80 pounds). 

It is also available in either light grey or autumn blonde colors. By adding a thick blanket and installing a self-closing door, you could have a well-insulated dog house with this product. 


  • Open-up roof. 
  • Raised and removable floor
  • Vinyl door flap
  • Off-centered entrance
  • Made with Fir wood. 
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Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin Dog House — Asphalt Roof

Petmate’s Log Cabin dog house is a well-built pet house. It really looks good and it is certainly a unit you will like to have in your backyard. 

Petmate is a popular pet accessories manufacturer. Many of their products include travel carriers, play pens, barn style dog houses amongst others. 

With this product they have delivered an easy to assemble dog house unit. To protect your dog, it is designed with an offset doorway. 

The unit is made of solid wood with some stainless-steel reinforcement. It is also designed with a raised floor for protection. 

The floor is fitted with adjustable feet, making it possible to place this unit on uneven surfaces. 

To keep the cabin dry, its slanted roof is made with asphalt and the house is sealed with a protective coating. 

This unit comes in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. Installing a door and adding a few blankets or beddings will be enough to make this house well insulated. 


  • Raised floor.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Slanted asphalt roof.
  • Adjustable feet for stability. 
  • Offset door for protection. 
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Things To Look Out For When Buying An Insulated Dog House

Finding a well-insulated dog house can be daunting. Many customers have expressed frustration in this endeavor. 

Some have purchased insulated dog houses that have performed poorly. There are a couple of things to look out for when you set out to buy an insulated dog house


This is quite obvious. Before you buy one of these houses, check to know exactly what insulative features it has. Does it have embedded foams or boards? Thick walls? Protective linings? etc. 

The type of insulative material can indicate to you how well the house can keep your dog cool in summer or warm in winter. 


Most dog houses are either wooden or plastic. Plastic dog houses naturally have insulative properties. 

For some plastic dog houses, the shape of the house helps to provide insulation. Plastic dog houses also come with the added advantage of being rot and pest resistance

On the other hand, wooden dog houses are usually more comfortable than plastic houses. Plus, wood is naturally insulative. 

However, it can be difficult to construct wooden houses without holes that will compromise the integrity of the structure when it comes to keeping out heat or cold. However, there are well insulated wooden houses that do a very good job. 

Furthermore, a few insulative materials like beddings and coatings can easily enhance the insulative properties of wooden dog houses.


Insulation is about keeping houses cool in summer and warm in winter. The door of the dog house plays a pivotal role in maintaining the conditions of the interior of the house. A door will control how much cold or heat can get in or out of the house

Typically, in cold weather, a door is very useful. In the heat, however, you can do without one. It will therefore be a wise choice to look out for houses with removable doors. With this you can install or remove the door at will.

Some houses come with self-closing doors. These will come in handy in cold weather. It will help to keep the interior of the insulated house consistently warm.

Another thing to bear in mind is the positioning of the door. It is better to buy houses with offset doors. This way when it rains, or in the scorching heat of the sun, your dog can hide away from direct impact. This is not achievable in houses where the doors are centered. 


The floor of the dog house plays another important role in insulating a dog house. In summary buy houses with raised floors! 

Apart from the fact that moisture does not easily enter houses with raised floors, the air pocket under the dog house acts as an insulative blanket too. It helps to keep the floor warm in the cold and cool in the heat. So look out for dog houses with raised floors. 


Before considering insulated dog houses, when buying any kind of dog house for that matter, you must consider the size

One thing you must bear in mind, is that dogs are generally not fans of large spaces. They prefer their personal space to be small, warm and cozy

When it comes to insulation this is also advantageous. Simply put, it is easier to insulate smaller spaces. This means that when you are searching for a dog house, buy a house that is close to the size of your dog. 

You will need to know the measurements of your dog. Make sure you have the measurements of the standing height and the overall length of your dog. The dog houses should be sizable enough to allow your dog to stand and turn around. 

The only time you could buy a house that is bigger than your dog is if you are shopping for a young pup that is still growing. 

In that case, make sure you research for the adult size of the breed of your dog and use those estimated sizes to determine the right size of a dog house you could purchase.


To keep your dog cool in hot weather, you need to make sure that the dog house is well ventilated

Look out for houses that are designed with air vents. These will allow easy circulation of fresh air within the dog house. In the winter season, these vents can always be closed down if needed. 

This is another place where removable doors come in handy. In the summer removing the doors will aid air circulation in the dog house. When winter arrives the door can be permanently installed. 


This is often overlooked, but the way you clean your dog house is very important. Dog houses get dirty quickly and if they are not cleaned properly and frequently, they will begin to stink. 

To make cleaning a lot easier, some dog houses are built with removable or open up roofs. With this feature, you can easily gain access into the interior of the dog house and have a proper cleaning. 

Some houses also have removable floors. This also helps. You could take the floor apart separately for a thorough scrubbing. 

The ASL Deluxe dog house has a special feature, with a sloped floor that allows you to drain away water that you have used to clean up. 

These features make cleaning a lot easier. Some people don’t think about it until it is time to clean their dog’s house. Make sure you have this in mind while you are out searching for a dog house. 

Insulating A Dog House

If you cannot find an insulated house that you are satisfied with, hope is not lost. You could go ahead to insulate any dog house yourself. 

Firstly, buy a dog house that has close enough features to make insulation very easy. For instance, for wooden houses, look out for houses with raised floors, thick walls, waterproof roofs etc. 

By buying a few accessories you could get the dog house insulated. The most basic things you could get are warm beddings. This could be hay, dog mats, dog blankets, or cozy dog bed. With the right type of beddings, you can keep your dog warm and safe in winter.

You could line your dog house with Styrofoam and cover it with another layer of plywood. That is a simple way to create your own DIY insulated dog house. 

Alternatively, you can buy fiberglass to use as an insulative material. It will also help to keep away moisture. However, fiberglass could cause skin irritation when touched and respiratory issues when inhaled. So make sure any fiberglass installation is covered to keep your dog safe from any harm

Our Top Choice

We won’t leave you guessing what the best insulated dog house could be. The ASL Deluxe Dog house put up a good fight and it is a worthy mention. 

However, our top choice goes to the Pets Imperial Wooden Dog House. We just love this dog house! 

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Apart from the fact that it is solidly built, we love the effort put into making it insulated. All panels in the dog house are insulated. 

Customer reaction confirms that indeed the insulative features in this dog house work to perfection. 

So if you want a beautiful, comfortable and sturdy insulated dog house for your pooch, this could be the perfect choice for you!

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