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For you to keep your dog safe and healthy, a dog house is an important thing to have. Especially if your dog is an outdoor dog, you need to provide a safe and comfortable place for your dog to spend personal time. 

Dog houses have been around for decades and have continued to provide that much needed safety and comfort for millions of dogs globally. 

In temperate regions where winter seasons could be bitterly unforgiving, a dog house that is well designed to keep your dog safe could be priceless. 

This already indicates that to buy a dog house, there are a lot of things to put into consideration. We’ll get to that later. 

Dog houses come in different shapes and sizes and with different materials. They are easily accessible in most pet shops or could be purchased online. 

In this article we are looking at some of the best and most popular dog beds you can purchase online. 

For this list, we have considered functionality, material quality and customer satisfaction. So whether you’re looking for a cute house for your little pooch or a sturdy house for your German Shepherd, you’ll find something befitting in here. Let’s go!

Best Dog Houses You Can Buy

Petmate Extreme Log Cabin — Sealed Protective Coating

Precision Pets is a popular pet accessory brand. They offer products such as travel carriers, play pens, kennels, wire crates etc. 

Their Petmate extreme log cabin is a nicely designed dog house sure to make your pet feel safe and comfortable. 

It is made from solid wood with some stainless-steel hardware. And, as is implied from its name, it is designed like a wooden cabin, which makes it fit nicely as an outdoor dog house. 

It is also designed to combat adverse weather conditions, as it is fitted with a slanted weather resistant asphalt roof to keep water clear of the interior of the dog house. 

It also has a sealed protective coating for added protection of your dog against the elements. 

It is designed with an offset door, which helps to protect your dog from the direct impact of wind or rain. 

The floor of this dog house is also elevated to prevent water or moisture from seeping into the dog house from the ground. 

The legs of the dog house are adjustable, so that it can be placed firmly on uneven surfaces. 

This Petmate log cabin comes in a range of sizes from small to extra-large. So, this should cater for virtually all dog sizes. The cabin can be easily assembled in a few easy steps. 

The ease of assembly is one of its favored attributes, as well as its durability and water resistance. 

Nevertheless, there are reservations expressed by users about the wood quality of this product. 

Some users have indicated that this will not be suitable if you have a dog that likes to chew. 


  • Sealed protection coating. 
  • Raised floor
  • Offset door
  • Weather resistant asphalt roof
  • Adjustable legs.
  • Made of solid wood, with stainless steel hardware.
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Suncast Outdoor Dog House — Removable Roof

This Suncast outdoor dog house is nicely designed for outdoor use. It is also a popular choice amongst dog owners looking for a nice outdoor dog house for their pooches. It is ideal for use in your backyard, patios and decks, due to its contemporary design.  

The Suncast dog house is made from heavy duty hardened plastic. This is sufficient enough to keep your dog safe. 

According to the manufacturers, it is sturdy enough to house pets that are up to 70 pounds heavy. 

The unit measures at about 35 × 27 × 29.5 cubic inches. It is fitted with a vinyl door which measures about 11.75 × 20.5 square inches. This provides additional security and insulation for your pet. 

It is relatively easy to assemble and the unit will not easily fade away. It is easy to wash, and this is quite important, being a plastic dog house. 

Also, it is fitted with a removable roof, which contributes to the ease of cleaning. And there are vents designed to promote circulation within the dog house. 

Users of this product have attested to its good weather resistance, ease of assembly and water resistance. However, some users opine that this product may not be suitable for dogs that like to chew. 


  • Contemporary design
  • Made of hardened plastic
  • Installed with vinyl door
  • Removable roof
  • Size: 35 × 27 × 29.5 cubic inches.
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Giantex Plastic Dog House — Thermal Balancing

If you are looking for a simple, low cost doghouse that you can use either indoors or outdoors, Giantex’s dog house might just be the one for you. This product was, however, designed with smaller dogs in mind. 

The unit is made from high quality polypropylene plastic. It is tough enough for its functionality. 

Furthermore, it is designed with a stable to keep the dog house firm and prevent it from tipping over. 

This is quite necessary because the product weighs in relatively light, at 20 pounds. Its light weight allows for it to be easily moved from place to place. 

This dog house is designed to be water resistant. It is installed with a slanted roof that redirects rain water. The floor of the dog house is also elevated to prevent water from getting into the house. 

To maintain proper air circulation within the dog house, ventilation holes were created at the top of the house. 

The material of the dog house has thermal balancing properties to keep the dog cool in summer and warm in winter. 

A detachable roof design makes it easier to clean the interior of the dog house. The roof only needs to be unscrewed to detach it. 

The dog house is easily assembled if the instructions are strictly followed. Its ease of assembly is one of the reasons users like this product. However, if your dog is on the large side you might want to skip this one. 


  • Size: 36 × 34.5 × 36 cubic inches. 
  • Made of high-quality polypropylene plastic (PP)
  • Weather resistant
  • Detachable roof
  • Lightweight
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Confidence Pet Plastic Dog House — Variety Of Sizes

Here’s another plastic dog house, this time from Confidence. The dog house is designed to look like your quintessential dog kennel. It will sit nicely in your backyard or patio. 

The dog house comes in a range of sizes from medium to extra-large. It is designed to provide ample room for your dog to enjoy. 

Also, it is quite easy to assemble. Consider this dog house for medium to large sized dogs. It is loved especially by users for its ease of assembly.



Size – 29 × 26.2 × 27.4 cubic inches.

Entrance – 10.4 × 17.3 square inches.

Weight – 13 pounds. 


Size – 34.5 × 30.9 × 32.1 cubic inches.

Entrance – 12.8 × 20.6 square inches.

Weight – 20 pounds.


Size – 41.3 × 38 × 38.8 cubic inches

Entrance – 14 × 24.4 square inches

Weight – 30.9 pounds. 


  • Made of tough plastic
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes in medium, large and extra-large sizes.
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Trixie Classic Outdoor House — Draft Resistance

This Trixie product truly brings out the “classic” design. It has that regular classic dog house look about it. 

This would fit nicely in your backyard or inside a metal dog kennel. It will give your dog just that perfect space for privacy, whilst being safe and comfortable.

This product is made from weatherproof solid pine construction. Its design adopts tongue and groove exterior to improve draft resistance. 

The dog house is made with a removable raised floor to protect the wooden cabin from water and moisture. It also promotes air circulation at the bottom of the dog house and provides further insulation. 

The legs of the dog house are designed to be adjustable to compensate for uneven surfaces. 

The roof of the dog house is hinged to the body of the house with two locking horns. This enables easier cleaning of the interior of the dog house. 

The roof is also covered with composite shingles for further protection. Trixie describes the dog house as very easy to assemble. 

The dog house has an off-center door opening. However, if you will rather have a door, a Trixie’s plastic door can be bought separately. 

The two main features of this product that have been lauded by users are its ease of assembly and ease of cleaning. A few users, however, raised concerns about the quality and durability of the product. 


This product comes in three sizes. 

  1. 33.25 × 32.5 × 22.75 cubic inches.
  2. 40.75 × 26.75 × 28.25 cubic inches.
  3. 45.5 × 31 × 32.25 cubic inches.


  • Made from solid pine wood 
  • Weatherproof material
  • Removable raised floor
  • Hinged roof
  • Adjustable legs for uneven surfaces. 
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A4Pet Dog House — Raised Floor

This A4Pet dog house is designed with a contemporary finish, making it an ideal match for most houses. This will sit pretty on a patio or in a nicely maintained backyard. 

The A4Pet dog house comes in three sizes – small, medium and large. The large sized dog houses are able to hold dogs weighing up to 90 pounds. While the medium and small sized dog houses can hold dogs as heavy as 45 and 35 pounds respectively. 

The A4Pet dog houses are easy to assemble just by following the accompanying instructions. The units already come with pre-drilled holes for assembly. 

The dog houses are raised from the floor about 4 inches off the ground. This is designed to prevent moisture from seeping into the dog house. 

Especially because the dog house is made of wood, it’s important to prevent moisture from getting into the interior of the house. 

The roof of this dog house is slanted to prevent rain water from getting into the cabin. This roof is hinged to the body of the dog house for easy access into the main cabin for cleaning purposes and to get materials into the nooks of the dog house. 

A4Pet advises that the floor of the dog house be covered with blanket or tarp during winter to keep the dog warm. This is because of some gaps between the wood logs of the floor, initially left to aid ventilation. 

This product is loved for its ease of assembly. However, many users have questioned the durability and material quality of this product. 



Size: 34 × 22.5 × 24 cubic inches.

Door size: 13 × 9.5 square inches.


Size: 41 × 26 × 27.5 cubic inches.

Door size: 17.5 × 13 square inches. 


Size: 45.5 × 31 × 33 cubic inches. 

Door size: 21 × 15 square inches. 


  • Slanted roof to redirect rainwater
  • Raised floor 
  • Hinged roof for easy access to house interior.
  • Comes in small, medium and large sizes.
  • Made of wood.
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Tobbi Dog House — Two-Storey House

The Tobbi Dog House is a really cute dog house and ideal if you have a little pup. It has a nice two-story design. This really gives a lot of space for your pet dog to play around with. 

This wooden dog home has an indoor lounge, climbable stairs and a rooftop balcony fitted with railings. The top balcony is fitted with a nice top roof and a weatherproof finish. 

This pet dog house will leave your pup really feeling like a king. It could spend time keeping safe in the indoor lounge at night or in the evenings. 

And during the day, it could enjoy some cool air on its balcony. This characteristic design makes the pet dog house ideal as an outdoor shelter. 

The Tobbi dog house is made with weather-treated nontoxic fir wood which provides more comfort for your pooch. 

And despite being a two-story pet dog house, the product is rather light, meaning you could move it around as desired from time to time. 

One prominent complaint from users, however, is that the unit can be incredibly difficult to assemble. However once assembled, it gives your pet dog a lovely dog house experience. 


Size: 27 × 15 × 29 cubic inches. 

Main house height: 19.5 × 15 × 15.7 cubic inches.

Plank thickness: 0.4 inches. 

Net weight: 23 pounds. 


  • 2-storey wooden pet dog house. 
  • Has an indoor lounge, a staircase, and a rooftop balcony.
  • Made with weather-treated non-toxic Fir wood. 
  • Ideal for small pet dogs. 
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Best Choice Products Dog House — Log Cabin

This Best Choice Products dog house has a lovely log cabin design. This makes it a perfect fit for most backyards. 

The dog house is made from Fir wood, a comfortable material for most dogs. This material is designed to be water resistant band weather resistant. 

The dog house is fitted with an off centered doorway. And this design protects the dog from direct sunlight, wind and rain. 

The house is also fitted with a slanted roof to rain off any rain water and prevent it from seeping into the cabin. 

The roof is made from asphalt shingle, which aids its resistance to water. This roof can be opened to gain access to the dog house interior. This makes cleaning the pet dog house easier. 

Another moisture preventive measure comes in the raised floor design. This also provides more insulation for the dog house. 

This product is loved by its users for its ease of assembly, durability and sturdiness. 


  • Dimensions: 25 × 34 × 22.25 cubic inches.
  • Raised floor
  • Made of water-resistant solid Fir wood.
  • Asphalt shingle roof.
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Aivituvin Dog House — 100% Fir Wood

The Aivituvin dog house is another “duplex” pet dog house design. It was originally designed for cats but will equally be suitable for smaller pet dogs. It is designed with a lower rest room, a side staircase and a balcony rest. 

The house is fitted with an asphalt roof and is slanted to ensure that water does not get into the wooden cabin. 

There is also an extruded small door roof at the door of the rest room. This provides further protection for the dog while in the restroom. 

The pet dog house is made from 100% Fir word which was grown in government controlled, sustainable forests. The house is also coated with water-based painting, which is safer for your dog. 


Overall Size: 29.9 × 22.2 × 30.3 cubic inches.

Inner Room size: 20.3 × 17.4 × 11 cubic inches.


  • Waterproof asphalt roofs.
  • Made of Fir wood.
  • Water based painting.
  • Has a rooftop balcony and a bottom inner room.
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Arf Frame Dog House — One-Year Guarantee

The Arf Frame dog house from Pet Squeak is a nicely designed wooden dog house. And it is one of Pet Squeak’s most popular pet dog houses. 

It comes in a range of sizes, from extra-small to small, medium and large. This dog house is made from White Cedar (aka Stained White Wood). 

And this happens to be one of the choicest materials for dog houses. It is known for its sturdy appearance band pest resistance. 

The dog house is fairly easy to assemble if assembly instructions are followed carefully. It’s raised floor ensures water does not get into the interior of the house from the ground. 

This is further aided by the wood’s natural water-resistant attribute. It’s battle against moisture is strengthened by a sheet lined inner roof which prevents water getting in from the rooftop. 

This dog house unit is relatively lightweight and is durable. In fact, its durability is one of the most loved features of the product. 

Other features pointed out by users are its ease of assembly and its good value for money. The product comes with a one-year guarantee.



External dimensions: 27.25 × 20.75 × 29 cubic inches. 

Internal dimensions: 20 × 15.25 × 23 cubic inches. 

Door dimensions: 8.25 × 13 square inches. 

Dog weight supported: up to 30 pounds.


External dimensions: 33.25 × 27.5 × 32 cubic inches.

Internal dimensions: 24.5 × 20 × 26.5 cubic inches. 

Door: 9.75 × 15.25 square inches. 

Dog weight supported: up to 50 pounds. 


External dimensions: 32.25 × 46 × 36

Door: 11.75 × 18

Dog weight supported: up to 80 pounds. 


  • Made from White Cedar Wood
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Raised floor
  • Weather resistant.
  • Comes in extra-large, small, medium and large sizes. 
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What To Look Out For

Getting the best dog house could be a really daunting task, especially if you are looking to make a purchase online. 

You won’t be able to see the actual product in person, but the specifications given on the e-commerce website could be sufficient to give you a good idea of what you are about to purchase. 

One good idea we can quickly state here is to not purchase items online if product specifications are not clearly listed. 

That said, there are some particular things to look out for in the available specifications. In this section of the article, we will discuss the most pertinent factors to consider. 


  • The worst thing you could do is go through all the trouble of making a pet dog house purchase online and having it delivered to your house, only to discover it does not fit your dog. 

The size of the dog house is definitely the most important thing to look out for. The house could be very well made, but it would be useless to you if your dog cannot enter it. 

  • Bear in mind that dogs prefer to stay in small spaces. They feel more comfortable in them. During winter, you also want the dog to be confined to smaller spaces where cold air cannot be trapped. This makes finding the right-sized dog house a big tricky. 
  • Well, the first thing to do before setting out to buy a dog house is to take your dogs measurements. Take the measurements of your dog’s height, shoulder height and overall length. 

A suitable dog house should be one where your dog can comfortably stand in and turn around. In terms of length it should be about the same or slightly more than the dog’s length. 

  • The best dog house not be more than 25% higher than the dog’s standing height. 
  • You also need to consider the size of the entrance. It should be approximately 75% of the shoulder length of the dog. 
  • It is normal for your dog to have to bend its head as it enters the dog house. Ideally you want to keep the entrance to the house as small as possible to minimize heat loss in winter, and excess sunlight in summer. 
  • Finally, when buying your dog house, plan for growth. If your dog is still a puppy, buy a dog house with its adult size in view. You don’t want your dog to outgrow its doghouse too quickly, because it will render the dog house useless. 

House Material

Most dog houses are made of plastic or wood. And they both have their advantages and disadvantages. 

  • Plastics are cheaper and lighter. This also makes them easy to transport. Also, with plastic dog houses, there is no risk of pest infestations as well. 
  • On the other hand, wooden dog houses are more comfortable for dogs. They also provide more insulation for the dogs. 

One could say wood is the more ideal material for dog houses. However, there is the constant risk of pest infestations and weathering. 

  • Furthermore, look out for weather resistant and pest resistant wooden houses. 
  • Also make sure that nontoxic paint is used to paint wooden houses (and also plastic houses).

Doorway And Doors

Dog houses are better off when equipped with doors. They offer better protection against the elements and keep your dog safer and more comfortable. 

However, if you purchase a dog house that only has a doorway, make sure the doorway is off centered. This way the dog can be shielded from direct sunlight, rain or wind. 

Roof Type

You need to pay attention to the material used for the roofing of the dog houses, especially for wooden houses. Wood shingles, plywood, boards or asphalt shingles are usually used. 

  • Make sure the material is water resistant. 
  • Also, if the roof is removable or can be opened to give you access into the interior of the dog house, this is an advantage. 

It allows you to clean the interior of the house more efficiently. It also makes it easier to set up the dog house for specific weather conditions, like during winter. 

Our Top Pick

So we have shown you some of the best pet dog houses around that you could consider buying your pooch. 

Keep in mind the things to look out for when searching for that special dog house. Don’t just get carried away with aesthetics. 

Finally, we will unveil our top pick. Our decision is greatly influenced by overall customer satisfaction and material quality. 

In light of that, we have picked two dog houses. We have chosen the best plastic and the best wooden dog houses. 

The best plastic dog house for us is the Suncast Outdoor Dog House. This decision is largely due to its popularity and customer satisfaction. Of course the dog house delivers in quality as well. 

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For wooden dog houses, our best pick is the Arf Frame Dog House from Pet Squeak. What we love most about this, which was also attested to by users, is its durability. 

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We also like the fact that it’s made from White Cedar, because of its pest resistance properties. We believe that this will be a great choice for your dog. Just get it the right size!

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