Best Dog House Heater

Winter comes with unforgiving chills. So, when it does, we set up our heaters to keep us warm and safe. We know how brutal it can be and we know how we just manage to pull through. Just imagine how much it becomes a struggle for your pooch. 

This is why every responsible dog owner must take adequate steps to keep their dogs warm in the unforgiving winter. 

Heated dog houses are considered a viable option to ensure your dog is kept warm. These kinds of dog houses come with some form of heating element. This could be a heated dog mat or a dog house heater. 

Heated dog houses usually require a good degree of insulation. This keeps the interior of the dog house warm and ensures that no heat is lost to the surroundings. 

There are many dog house heaters available online. And some folks even adopt regular home heaters for use in the dog house. However, there are heaters specifically designed to be used in a dog house. 

Whichever type you choose to go with, making a choice of the best dog house heater for your pup could be a daunting one. This is a choice we are here to help you with. 

In this article, we’ll go through some of the best dog house heaters in the market. Based on our surveys we’ll discuss those things you need to consider in making the best choice. First, let’s see some of the best heaters around. 

Best Dog House Heaters You Can Buy

Akoma Hound Heater Dog House Furnace — Long-Life Heating

This product from Hound heater is one of the most popular solutions for dog house heating. It is designed to be up dog houses as large as 75 cubic feet. Yet, it works just fine for even smaller dog houses. It is designed with a long-life heating element. This makes the unit reliable for long term use. 

One good thing about this unit is that it is designed with no sharp edges. This makes it safe for your dog to be around. The Hound heater will also not get your pooch burned if he comes in contact with it.

An internal heat shield protects all the wires and components from damage. The unit comes with an 8-feet long, 3-prong grounded cord. And there is a cord strain relief designed to avoid cord tension issues. 

The unit can be adjusted from 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. And it saves energy by only running when required to. 

There is an internal high limit switch that shuts down the heater if it reaches temperatures as high as 210 degrees Fahrenheit. And the unit automatically restarts after cooling down. 

A protective chew resistant and heavy-duty stainless steel is used to cover the cord to prevent it from being damaged by your dog. The unit itself is made with 16-gauge powder-coated steel construction. 

This heater has a replaceable 50,000 hour rated 300-Watt wire element. It is also fitted with a 100,000-cycle heavy duty thermostat. These features indicate long-lasting durability. The dog house heater is suitable for most dog house types. 

To obtain the best effect, it is advised by the manufacturers to make sure that the dog house is insulated. Installing the unit is pretty straightforward too. 

Many users have identified that the temperature control feature on this product is impressive. They also recognized the ease of installation as one of its impressive features. 


  • For houses up to 75 cubic feet. 
  • 50,000-hour rated 300-Watt wire element.
  • Adjustable thermostat from 30 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 16-gauge powder coated steel construction.
  • Suitable for any dog house style. 
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Dog House Heater Plus Model From Extreme Consumer Products — Chew-Resistant Cord

This dog house heater from Extreme Consumer Products comes with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty. 

The product allows for temperature adjustment from 30 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. With this, you can ensure that the interior conditions are just right for your dog. 

It is designed with a steel case protector. This shields the inside wires and components and also protects the dog from electric shock. 

The cord of this unit is wrapped in a heavy-duty chew-resistant cord protector. This also ensures that your dog is kept safe. 

A safety feature ingrained into the unit ensures that it automatically shuts down once the temperature reaches 210 degrees Fahrenheit. The heater is also energy efficient. 

The unit is designed with a 16-gauge steel chew-resistant cord protector. The dog house heater is also UL and CE certified. 

For best effects, it is advised that the dog house has sufficient insulation. Adding a door or flap to the doorway of the dog house also helps to keep the dog house warm and save energy. 


  • Adjustable temperature dial. 
  • Automatic safety shut off feature. 
  • 16-gauge steel chew resistant cord protector.
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty.
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Climatesafe Electric Dog House Heater — Three Temperature Range Settings

The Climatesafe dog house heater is a 200W rated heater. It is designed with an internal fab that safely distributes heat within the dog house while also ensuring that the unit never overheats. 

A chew-proof cord keeps the dog from getting electrocuted if it attempts to chew on the cord. This makes the dog house heater safe for use around dogs. 

There are three temperature range settings for this heater. If the temperature of the heater reaches its set upper boundary, the unit is designed to automatically shut off. This is a safety feature. 

The unit requires a simple wall mounting. A full heat dial for this dog heater means that you can control the temperature all the way down to the smallest interval for that perfect interior condition. 

The ease of installing this unit is one of the fan favourite features of this heater. This has been attested to by many users. 


  • 200W rated heater
  • Auto shut-off feature in the event of overheating. 
  • Chew-proof metal cord. 
  • Easy installation.
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Upgraded Heating Pad From Petnf — Five Timer Levels

This heating pad is made with a chew-resistant cord casing that protects your dog from electrocution. There is also a 2.1-meter-long chew resistant cord that is designed to withstand 5 kilograms of pull. 

It is designed with five timer levels to determine how long the pad is kept heated. These timer levels are always, 4H, 8H, 12H and 24H. “H” determines the number of hours. The “always” level is the default setting of the heating pad. 

The temperature of the heating pad can be adjusted between the range of 30 and 55 degrees Celsius. The pad is built with a self-destruct function. This is set into motion when the internal temperature of the pad reaches 105 degrees Celsius. 

The insulation layer between the temperature control wire and the heating wire is destroyed. This causes the chip to automatically stop working and to short circuit. 

The PVC surface of the heating pad is waterproof. This means you don’t need to worry about your pet’s pee getting into the interior of the pad when it is plugged in. 

The pad also has a removable fleece cover for the comfort of your dog. This cover is also machine washable. The pad itself can be cleaned with a simple damp cloth or sponge

The size of the heating pad is 29.5 × 17.7 square inches. This tells that it is designed for small and medium-sized pets. However, a smaller pad is available with its dimensions being 19.7 × 15.8 square inches. 

With this unit, you can be sure of uniform heating of the entire pad. The pad is expected to be heated up to the required temperature as indicated by your veterinarian. These pads have been safety tested for up to 8 hours of use before being rolled out for sale. 

Many users have found the heating pad very easy to clean thanks to its machine washable fleece cover. Its chew-proof feature is also a hit amongst users. 


  • Chew resistant cord 
  • 5 timer levels. 
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Machine washable fleece cover
  • Dimensions

Medium: 29.5 × 17.7 square inches

Small: 19.7 × 15.8 square inches.

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Riogoo Dog Heating Pad — Auto Power-Off Function

This fourth-generation heating pad is designed for various kinds of pets, from rabbits to dogs and cats. It is ideal for use in a dog house to keep the dog warm and comfortable especially in winter. 

The Riogoo pet pad has an auto power-off function that switches off the pad after a set period of time. This is useful in the event that you forget to switch off the pad. 

The pad is designed with a 7-layer protective structure. This comes with a UL approved heating wire. This should assure you of its safety as it will prevent your dog from getting burnt. 

There is a temperature sensor inside the pad that prevents overheating of the pad and keeps your dog safe. 

The pad has a soft removable cover that can easily be cleaned by hand. There is also a chew-resistant cord that will prevent your pup from chewing on the wire and getting hurt. 

The product also comes with a one-year guarantee which assures you of a replacement if you are unsatisfied with the product within its first year of use. 

Customers love that this heating pad is very easy to clean. It’s softness and temperature control are also two of its most-loved features according to users. The heating mat is available in medium, large and extra-large sizes. 


  • Auto power-off function
  • UL approved heating wire
  • Soft, removable polyester cover
  • Sizes – 

Medium: 18 × 18 square inches

Large: 22 × 18 square inches

X-Large: 32 × 20 square inches

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K&H Pets Products Lectro-Kennel Heating Pad — Energy Efficient

This heating pad from K&H products is one of the most popular solutions on the market today. The heating pad is ideal for use in dog kennels, dog houses, garage etc. It can be placed flat on the ground for the dog to lie on. Alternatively, it can be attached to a wall to provide the required warmth. 

The heated pad is made with rugged ABS plastic. A 5.5-foot steel-cased cord protects the dog from being electrocuted as it prevents it from chewing. 

The heating pad comes with a soft and removable fleece cover. The cover can be machine washed which makes it easy to clean. The pad itself can be easily cleaned using a damp rag.

The heating pad is designed to never exceed the body temperature of your pet. This ensures maximum comfort. This product, like every other K&H product, has been rigorously tested.

This product has been certified by MET Laboratories to exceed the Canadian and USA safety standards. It is also an energy-efficient product. 

It is said to cost less to run, than an average night light. This is due to its relatively low wattage and its thermostatic control that ensures the heating is only turned on when needed. 

One of the reasons users love this item is that it is very easy to clean. The temperature control feature is also impressive. Its durability is also highlighted by many of its users. 


  • Machine washable fleece cover
  • Easy to clean heating pad
  • Low wattage.
  • MET tested and certified. 
  • Thermostatically controlled not to exceed the body temperature of the pet. 
  • Sizes-

Small: 12.5 × 18.5 square inches. 

Medium: 16.5 × 22.5 square inches. 

Large: 22.5 × 28.5 square inches. 

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K&H Pets Product Lectro-Kennel Igloo-Style Heated Pad — Thermostatically Controlled

This is another K&H Pets Product heated pad on our list. What makes this one different from the previously heated pad is that it is designed to fit dog houses that are Igloo-styled. 

Notwithstanding, it is still suitable for use for regular dog houses, sheds etc. Like the previous K&H product, this one is also thermostatically controlled to ensure that the pad is not heated behind the regular body temperature of your pet. 

It is made with ABS plastic and a 5.5-foot cord that is encased in steel for the safety of your dog and durability of the cord. 

This heating pad is covered with a piece of machine-washable fleece fabric. The heating pad itself can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. After cleaning, it should be allowed to dry completely, before plugging it back in. 

The unit is energy efficient as it consumes relatively low power. It has also been rigorously tested in MET laboratories band certified safe. This product is available in three different sizes; small, medium, large. 


  • Designed for Igloo shaped houses.
  • Thermostatically controlled to ensure hearing does not exceed body temperature. 
  • Tested and certified by MET laboratories
  • Removable and machine washable fleece cover. 
  • Sizes

Small – 11.5 × 8 square inches.

Medium – 14.5 × 24 square inches.

Large – 17.5 × 30 square inches. 

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Heat Storm Portable Infrared Heater — Lightweight

The Heat Storm Infrared heater is an excellent indoor heater that can be used in regular homes. It is, however, well suited for use in a dog house. 

This is a 1500-Watt infrared heater. One great thing about this portable heater is that it is lightweight. It weighs in at 11 pounds and is able to heat up to 1000 square feet of space with supplementary heating. 

This unit makes use of a patented heat exchanger designed with HMS technology. This provides a safe supply of heat while putting the humidity of the room into consideration. 

The heater does not reduce the humidity or oxygen in its heated space. And despite being very high powered at 1500 Watts, an energy efficient mode means that wattage can be reduced to 750 Watts. 

The Heat Storm heater has a built-in thermostat with an LED display. This helps to regulate the temperature in the heated space easily. The unit is ETL safety certified. 

It is available in 4 colors. One of the features of this unit that makes it really popular amongst users is its lightweight, this means it can easily be carried around too. It is also very easy to use. 


  • ETL safety certified
  • Has an energy-efficient mode. 
  • Lightweight and portable. 
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BYBLIGHT Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter — Non-Light Emitting

The BYBLIGHT ceramic infrared heat emitter provides up to 24 hours of heat supply. It is specially designed to be used for animals. It is made with ceramic, metal and metal. The heater is made of high purity pottery clay. This makes it waterproof and anti-crack. 

It is a non-light emitting heater. Dogs and pets will generally find that more comfortable as they can sleep without the disturbance of a light bulb. It is a long-lasting heater, reputed to last for up to 10000+ hours. 

Infrared could penetrate the skin of your pet, however, BYBLight claims that this expands the blood vessels, and promotes blood circulation. This heater is rated at 150 Watts. 

Users of this heater are impressed with the heat output of this device and many consider it great value for money. 


  • Long-lasting light emitter. Up to 10000+ hours lifespan. 
  • Made from ceramic and metal. 
  • Waterproof design
  • Non-light emitting heater. 
  • 150 W power rated. 
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Things To Look Out For

There are many options of dog heaters that you could purchase for your dog’s house. This ranges from heated pads to electric heaters. There are a few things you need to look out for to be sure that you get the best for your pooch. Let’s go through some of these. 


When buying heaters, this is the most important factor you need to consider. You need to make sure your heater is powerful enough to meet the heating requirements of your dog house. 

Another question could be “how do you know the amount of power required?”. Well, to get a definite answer, you might need to consult an engineer for that. 

But that’s not quite necessary. Intuitively, you ought to know that the conditions you live in will determine the amount of heating power is required. 

For instance, if you live in a very cold region like Alaska, you will need a heater with loads of power to service your dog sufficiently. Nevertheless, winter in southern Texas will not require such heating power. A well-insulated house will do in many cases. 

Typically, higher-rated heaters will supply more heat. But also, they consume more energy. So, these are things to put into consideration when you are searching for a heater. 

Also, bear in mind that if the dog house is well insulated, the amount of power required will be lower than it will be for a non-insulated dog house. 

That said, it is generally advisable to use heaters in an insulated dog house. This saves energy and is actually more comfortable for your dog. 

The insulation will ensure that the heat is kept within the dog house. If your heater has a regulator or thermostat, you will spend less heating energy in an insulated dog house. 


When you install an electric heater or heating pad in a dog house, you will introduce electric components into the dog’s space. This could be a hazard, especially if your dog likes to chew a lot. Imagine if your dog chews on a live wire. That could be fatal. 

In light of this, make sure you buy a heater whose electric cords and components are protected or encased. In other words they should be chew-proof

Another possible danger of using dog heaters is overheating. Dogs are not very good at ridding themselves of excess body heat, as they cannot sweat. 

If the dog house becomes too warm it will become uncomfortable for your dog and this could be dangerous for its health. Because of this, make sure you buy a heater that has a thermostat, so it stops supplying heat when the dog house gets too warm. 

Another thing you need to consider is the distance of the heater from the dog. Here’s one thing to bear in mind, no matter what the manufacturer says, make sure your dogs do not touch the surface of a heater. They should not come close as this could lead to painful scalds. 

Look out for heaters that come with distance protection. Or better still, look out for heaters that could accommodate distance protective features. 


The size of your dog house should determine the power rating, and sometimes the kind of dog house heater you purchase. If your dog house is pretty big, naturally you will require a more powerful dog house heater

The type of dog house also matters. For instance, insulated dog houses will only require gentle heating. 

Age And Weight Of Your Dog

The weight of your dog is also an important factor to consider. Fatter or chubbier dogs will have extra body fat that serves as insulation. They won’t require as much heat as skinny dogs. This is also closely related to the dog’s breed as well. 

When it comes to age, note that puppies, older dogs and sick dogs do not regulate their body temperature as efficiently as healthier and older dogs will. Because of this, make sure those categories of dogs are given extra protection against cold. 

Dog’s Breed

Some dogs have a problem with winter. They have the natural features that help them to handle the cold very well. Breeds like the Siberian Husky, Samoyed and the Alaskan Malamute are well adapted for winter periods. 

Generally, dog breeds with double-layered coats deal with winter pretty well. If they will require any form of additional heating, it will be if the temperatures go lower than expected. 

However, skinny dogs or dogs with thin coats will require complementary heating. Dog breeds like Dobermans, Chihuahuas, Greyhounds etc. struggle to keep warm in winter. 

That said, when in doubt, consult your veterinarian to know just how much heat your dog breed will require in winter. 

Our Top Pick

We have shown you some of the best dog house heaters you can buy around. We have also identified the most important factors you need to keep in view when going out to get a dog house heater for your pup. 

We contend that any of the heating solutions on our list will do a great job for you. Nevertheless, remember to consider the factors highlighted when making a choice. 

That said, our top choice for the best dog house heater is the Akoma Hound Heater Dog House Furnace. And there are many things to like about this dog heater. 

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We like the temperature control features that it offers. The safety precaution that automatically shuts off the heater once it reaches 210 degrees Fahrenheit is important. Also at 300 Watts, it is powerful enough to meet most heating needs. 

Installing this unit is very easy. We are also impressed with its heating quality and many users have attested to this. With regards to safety, the cords are protected on heavy-duty stainless steel that makes them chew resistant. 

The steel construction used to make the heater also means your dog cannot have access to the electric components of the heater. We are also impressed that the unit is suitable for both small and large dog houses. This is one heater you should not regret buying. 

So, with the information we have provided you in this article, you can be confident about getting the best dog house heater for your pup.

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