Best Dog House For Outside Dogs

Whether you need to keep your outdoor dog safe from the blistering summer heat or the frosty winter snow, you need a really good dog house that does the perfect job. 

There are those dogs that just prefer to spend most of their time outside. And the German shepherds, Rottweilers, Mastiffs, Collies, Labradors amongst others are some of these outdoor dogs. 

Keeping them indoors for long could make them feel uncomfortable and moody. And on the other hand, keeping them outdoors, risks exposing them to the elements. But that’s where dog houses come in handy. 

Many dog houses come in different shapes, sizes and construction materials, which are designed for specific needs. 

A suitable outdoor dog house should be able to withstand the elements. It should serve as shade when needed and keep moisture and cold away when needed. 

That said, getting a dog house that fits the bill might look daunting initially. So, we’ve decided to help by showing you ten outdoor dog houses you could consider for your dog needs. 

Afterwards, we’ll tell you those things you should pay attention to, in your search for a dog house. 

Finally, we’ll unveil our top pick. For now, let’s look at some of the best outdoor dog houses you can buy in the market today. 

Outdoor Dog Houses You Can Buy

Suncast Outdoor Dog House — Option For Personalization

The Suncast outdoor dog house is well designed to complement your backyard or patio nicely. 

This dog house is designed with hardened plastic material. And the material was made to be resistant to fading. It also does not rust or rot. Hence, buying this unit offers you a durable and sturdy space for your dog to keep safe. 

Thanks to its durability, the attractive appearance of the Suncast dog house will be protected even in the toughest outdoor conditions. 

The unit comes with a vinyl door for additional protection from the weather and other animals. And the size of the vinyl door measures 11.75 by 20.5 square inches. 

There are also letters that you could use to personalize the dog house with your dog’s name, and these also come with the unit. 

The roof of the dog house is removable, providing easy access to the interior of the dog house for effective cleaning. 

There are vents installed in the dog house to improve air circulation in the space, which will make your dog more comfortable. 

The unit is relatively easy to assemble. And overall, this unit measures at 35 × 27 × 29.5 cubic inches. 

Customers particularly love the ease with which the unit can be assembled. One customer said “my 7-year-old daughter and I put it together in literally 3-5 minutes. You just snap the four pieces together”. 

Another customer said, “Great dog house! Fairly easy to assemble, you just need to line up the panels and snap it together”. The unit is also notable for its ease of cleaning, thanks to its open-up roof. 


  • Removable roof for easy cleaning
  • Durable resin construction
  • Easy to snap-together and assemble. 
  • Dimensions: 35 × 27 × 29.5 cubic inches.
  • Comes with a vinyl door which measures at 11.75 × 20.5 square inches. 
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Petsfit Portable Wooden Dog House — Ready-Made

The Petsfit Wooden dog house comes ready-made. It requires no assembly and yet is portable enough to be moved from place to place. 

This feature makes it quite popular amongst dog owners. It also makes it suitable for outdoor use. Especially considering that it is easy to store away as it can be folded flat when not in use. 

The top of the dog house can easily be opened for easy access to the interior of the house for thorough cleaning. 

This unit is made from solid Cedar wood. And the walls of the dog house are strong enough to hold pets as heavy as 30 pounds. 

The dog house is designed with a raised floor raised up to 2 inches to keep moisture out of the dog house. 

The dog house was painted with a water-based paint, therefore it is nontoxic and not harmful to your dog even if it chews on it. The outside of the house is measured at 31 × 20 × 24 cubic inches. 

One of the features of the house that is popular amongst customers is that it does not require assembly. 

One user said, “I actually use this dog house outside, under a small patio…it works well under my partially covered patio…the house is perfect…the digs really seem to enjoy it and it provides an escape from the rain in the event that it rains when we are out”. That seems like one happy customer. 

Another one opined, “I’ve looked for better box enclosures for a while and did not purchase any because they use plastic or are too small or too expensive for what they are, this one is worth every penny”. 


  • Ready-made dog house, no assembly required.
  • Easy to store away, folds flat when not in use. 
  • Made from solid Cedar wood.
  • 2-inch Raised floor.
  • Painted with water-based paint.
  • Dimensions: 31 × 20 × 24 cubic inches.
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Arf Frame Dog House — Dark Frame

The Arf Frame dog house is solidly built and will fit most backyards and offer a comfortable and safe space for your dog. It is probably Pet Squeak’s most popular dog house. 

The dog house comes in three sizes: extra-small, small and medium. The house is quite easy to assemble. It is naturally weather resistant and non-toxic. 

This house has a raised floor for better protection against moisture and rot. And it is fitted with a sheet lined inner roof, for further protection. It is also lightweight and durable. 

The Arf Frame dog house is designed to be a close-fitting habitat for dogs that prefer a tighter house. If you require more space for your dog, consider purchasing a large dog house. 

The dog house is designed to be affordable, durable, easy to assemble and comfortable for your pooch. And the primary material used is stained Whitewood which is known for its strong fresh scent, pest resistance and appearance. 

Users of this dog house like the ease of assembling this house. One user said, “it took exactly 23 minutes to assemble with assistance from my wife…easy peasy”. 

Another user commented on the beautiful appearance, they said “the dog house is made from beautiful cedar and it seems very detailed”. 

While many customers were pleased with the unit, some customers point out that it will not be suitable to keep the dog warm in cold weather. 

A heating blanket or other insulating options will be needed to keep the dog warm in cold weather. The floor of the dog house might also need to be reinforced in the middle with another beam. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Raised floor
  • Lightweight band durable
  • Medium size Dimensions

External dimensions: 34 ¼ × 22 ½ × 32 cubic inches.

Internal dimensions: 24 ½ × 20 × 26 ½ cubic inches.

Door opening: 9 ¾ × 15 ¼ square inches.

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Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin — Offset Door

Petmate is a popular dog accessory manufacturer whose products include travel carriers, play pens, barn-style dog houses etc. The Petmate Log Cabin is one of the more popular dog houses from Petmate. 

It has a solid looking appearance that will blend nicely in any backyard. This house comes in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes; therefore, you will find the right house for your dog’s size. 

The house is sealed with a protective coating and its slanted asphalt roof enhances its protection against weather elements. 

It also has a raised floor to stop moisture from getting into the house and allow air circulation from underneath. There is an offset door on the house, for protection from direct sunlight and rain. 

The dog house can easily be assembled following a 3-step installation method. It has a solid wood structure with stainless steel hardware. And the legs of the dog house are adjustable so it can remain stable even on uneven surfaces. 

Some customers have spoken highly of the dog house’s strength and ease of assembly. Amidst the commendations from numerous users, we also gathered that it will be necessary to buy an insulation kit to keep the house insulated during cold weather. 


  • Comes in various sizes
  • Raised floor
  • Offset door
  • Slanted asphalt roof
  • Adjustable feet
  • Medium size: 46.5 × 27.2 × 5.1 cubic inches. 
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Pets Imperial Extra Large Insulated Wooden Dog House — Insulated

This Pets Imperial wooden dog is a well-designed dog house and has a solid-looking appearance. 

The unit is installed with two support rails to allow weights of up to 154 pounds while the floor of the dog house is removable which makes it easier to clean. 

The roof of the house can also be opened and this is because the roof is installed with two locking arms to allow it to be opened. 

The panels of the house are insulated. The insulation consists of tongue and groove, which is 0.47 inches. A 0.51-inch Styrofoam is also added, as well as a 0.08-inch thick plywood board. 

This ensures that the dog is kept warm in winter and cool in summer. The walls of the dog house, according to the manufacturers, are 150 percent thicker than other dog houses. 

The house is fitted with rot-free plastic caps for the adjustable feet. These adjustable feet allow you to place the dog house on uneven surfaces. 

The floor of the house is raised up to 2 inches above the ground for improved air circulation and to prevent moisture and rot.  This dog house is made from animal friendly treated timber and is designed to last long. 

Customers who have used this product have been quite impressed. Other notable features of the dog house are its ease of assembly, its sturdiness and weatherproof design. 


  • Has an open-up roof
  • External dimensions: 44 × 29 × 19 cubic inches

Internal dimensions: 39 × 25 × 37 cubic inches

  • Insulated panels.
  • Adjustable feet.
  • Raised floor. 
  • Made from friendly treated timber. 
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Trixie Classic Outdoor Wooden Dog House — Weatherproof

The Trixie dog house is a nicely made outdoor dog house that is sure to satisfy all your requirements for a good dog house. 

It is made with a weatherproof solid Pine construction and this includes a draft resistant tongue and groove design. 

It has a removable raised floor which improves air circulation from underneath the house and prevents rot due to moisture. 

The feet of the raised floor are adjustable so that the dog house can be placed evenly on an uneven surface. 

A hinged roof is installed on the dog house with two locking arms. This means the roof can be opened from above to gain access to the dog house for easy cleaning. 

The unit comes without a door but a Trixie plastic door can be purchased separately. 

The medium sized version of this dog is suitable for small to medium sized dogs. And every unit comes with a one-year warranty. 

Some of the notable features of the Trixie dog house include its ease of assembly, weatherproof features and ease of cleaning. 

Some customers commented on the ease of assembly of the unit, one of them said “my wife put this together and absolutely did it with ease, the only thing I will recommend is to coat it with a waterproof clear coat”. 

Another customer said, “the quality of the dog house was better than I anticipated after reading the reviews”. 

With respect to the ease of assembly and weatherproof features, a user said “assembly was easy and quality is good, it sits outside in all weather conditions and after about six months, it is still dry inside”. 


  • Weatherproof solid Pine construction.
  • Removable raised floor. 
  • Hinged roof that can be opened.
  • Medium sized house dimensions: 33 × 24 × 23 cubic inches

Door opening: 9 × 13 square inches

Weight: 28 pounds. 

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Best Choice Products Wooden Log Cabin House — Off-Centered Entrance

Best Choice Products dog house is made with a log cabin design. It is fitted with a slanted roof to ensure that water that gets to the roof runs off the roof. 

This roof can also be opened for easy access into the dog house. And this makes it easier to clean and air out its interior. 

The entrance to the dog house is off centered to keep your pet protected from harsh weather conditions. 

The floor of the dog house is raised above the ground for added protection against moisture, which could lead to rot. 

Furthermore, the house is designed to be water resistant and weather resistant. This is in a large part due to the solid Fir wood from which the house is made and the asphalt shingle roof. 

Some of the notable features of this dog house that are liked by users are its ease of assembly, durability band sturdiness. It is also considered good value for money. 

With respect to the ease of assembly, one user commented, “it was pretty easy for me to put it together, it took about 45 minutes to an hour with the help of my son”. 

However, some other customers were not satisfied with the quality of the wood used. They considered it too thin for a dog house. 


  • Off-centered entrance
  • Raised floor
  • Open-up roof
  • Made from solid Fir wood
  • Dimensions: 25 × 34 × 22.25 cubic inches. 
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Petsfit Outdoor Dog House — Sturdy

With this entry, Petsfit presents a classy weatherproof home to keep your pet dog safe and dry in extreme conditions. The dog house is nicely designed with an inner room and a small outside porch. Your dog will have fun with this one. 

The dog house is made from Kiln dried Cedar, treated with natural color stain. It is easy to assemble, and this is aided with pre-drilled holes. 

The roof of the house can be opened up to gain access into the dog house for easier cleaning. This roof has an asphalt surface to resist water and moisture. 

The feet of the house are adjustable and applicable in scenarios where the dog house is to be placed on an uneven surface. 

It is easy to assemble, weatherproof and sturdy and these are the most notable features of this product that have been identified by users. 

One user was so pleased with the product that they said “Seriously great! I recommend this product to anyone, especially for senior dogs”. 

Another one said, “the product is indeed beautiful, smells of wonderful Cedar and I love how the top opens”. 

One other user commented on the sturdiness of the product “I was a little concerned that it might be too flimsy, but when the whole thing is put together, it feels very sturdy”. 


  • Made with natural Cedar wood
  • Painted with a water-based paint
  • Open-up roof.
  • Adjustable feet
  • Dimensions

Small size: 33 × 25 × 23 cubic inches

Medium size: 40.8 × 26 × 27.6 cubic inches.

Large size: 45.6 × 30.9 × 32.1 cubic inches.

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AmazonBasics Portable Dog House — Made WIth Fabric

This Amazonbasics dog house is ideal for outdoor use. It is a rectangular shaped raised cot and it offers enough support for the dog’s weight while being quite comfortable. 

This one is a lightweight dog home and is made of oxford fabric, mesh cloth, metal and plastic components. 

The house is designed with an A-frame canopy roof. And the roof has a mesh panel along the top which is designed to improve air circulation. 

The house is raised off the ground. It provides a cozy, breathable shelter for your dog. Although it is made with fabric, it wipes clean quite easily. 

Many users consider this dog house great value for money. One of the users said, “For the price, I cannot complain, the bed supports my 50-pound dog. He is as happy as a clam”. 

Other features loved by many users are its ease of assembly, ease of cleaning and its sturdiness. 

One user was particularly impressed with the space, they said “as expected, it is spacious. Our dog loves it. He is a German Shepherd and has plenty of room in it”. 

Another user said, “I loved the product, it is huge! I liked its quality and most of all, it’s price”. So if you go for this one, you just might find yourself in good company. 


  • Raised floor
  • Made of oxford fabric, mesh cloth, metal and plastic components.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Medium sized dimensions

Size: 43.3 × 35.4 × 29.5 cubic inches.

Weight: 17.6 pounds

  • Large sized dimensions

51.2 × 40.6 × 33.5 cubic inches.

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Things To Consider

Buying an outdoor dog house could be quite tricky. So, it helps to know what you are looking for before you go to market, as you’d reduce the chances of regretting your purchase. 

We will point out those things you must bear in mind while scouting for the best home for your pooch. 


When it comes to buying a dog house, size is critical. The biggest mistake you can possibly make is to buy a dog house that your dog cannot fit into. 

This is why, before you go to market, firstly make sure you have taken the necessary dimensions of your dog. The dog house should be large enough for your dog to stand in and make a turn. 

As a guide, make sure the dog house is about 25 percent higher than your dog’s height. Let the entrance to the dog house be about 75 percent of the height of your dog. It is okay for the dog to have to bend into its home. 

Try to minimize the size of the entrance of the dog, because of the weather. In summer, you don’t want too much heat from the sun rays into the house. And in winter, you don’t want the door to be so big to allow cold air into the dog house. Make sure the length of the dog house is slightly longer than the length of the dog. 

Also, bear in mind that dogs are not necessarily fans of large room spaces. They prefer to stay in close fitting environments. So do not get too hung up with getting a spacious dog house. Just get the right size. 


Most of the dog houses on our list are made from wood. We consider wood the best option for outdoor use because of its comfort and insulating properties. 

However, wood is susceptible to rot due to moisture and pest attack. Hence, you want to look out for water resistant and pest resistant wood materials.

An alternative to wood is plastic, as these cannot rot and are pest resistant, it could prove a good option. But in outdoor usage, they may not act well as insulators. They are certainly not as comfortable as wood. 

Whichever type of material you use, ensure it is top quality. For wooden dog houses, Cedar wood is considered the best option, because it is pest and water resistant.

Roof And Floors

The roof and floor designs are critical for outdoor dog houses. For wooden dog houses, it is vital that the floor of the house is raised. This way, you reduce the risk of water getting into the house and causing it to rot. 

A raised platform also improves air circulation and could improve insulation underneath the dog house. 

It is also important that the roof is weatherproof. Slanted roofs ensure that any water that gets to the roof is redirected to the ground. This is good, to prevent moisture from getting into the house. 

Roofs and floors that can be removed help to make cleaning the dog house much easier. Some roofs are not wholly removable but can be opened up to gain access into the interior of the dog house. 

Our Top Pick

Our top pick for the outdoor dog house is the Pets Imperial Wooden Dog House.

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We love the overall finish of the dog house and the fact that it is made from animal friendly treated timber. 

It has everything you expect from a good outdoor house. What really stood out for us are the insulative features of this dog house. We believe you won’t go wrong with this choice. 

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