Best Bedding For Dog House

The bedding for your dog matters a lot. It’s never a good thing to leave your dog to sleep on bare floors. Just like we do, our much-loved pooches require all the comfort they can get when they choose to retire to sleep or take a nap in the middle of the day. More importantly, aged and sickly dogs need special care and comfort with regards to where they sleep. 

When it comes to choosing dog beddings, there are a number of options you can pick from. However, each choice must be carefully made with the well-being and comfort of your dog being the priority. 

In this article, we’ll take you through the different bedding types you could adopt for your dog, and where you could purchase them. So let’s dive in. 


Blankets are good options for dog beddings. They are soft, comfortable and cozy. Your dog should feel safe and comfortable using blankets, especially dogs that like to go under the covers. 

Three Of The Best Dog Blankets You Can Buy

Bogo Brands Pet Blanket — Machine Washable

The Bogo blanket is made from highly comfortable fleece material. It is a soft blanket and you can be sure that it will leave your pup feeling cozy and warm. 

It also comes in a nice paw print pattern that will leave the dog house looking good. The unit comes in a tan color.

Every dog blanket needs to be washed periodically. Bogo Brand’s dog blanket ensures this won’t be too much of a burden to you by making this unit machine washable. 

Many users of this Bogo Brand’s dog blanket particularly liked the beauty of the fabric and it complemented their pups well. The softness of the fabric is another feature that is much loved by its users. 

One of the concerns voiced by some users, however, placed questions on the blanket’s durability. Some users opined that the blanket would have benefitted from being thicker. 


  • Fleece blanket
  • Machine washable
  • Paw print pattern
  • Color: tan
  • Dimensions: 60 × 39 inches. 
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Pet Fusion Premium Pet Blanket — Shed Resistant

This is a blanket you would love. If you want a blanket to guarantee comfort for your pooch, this soft and cozy blanket is all you need. It is made from 100% polyester micro plush. 

The blanket is truly beautiful, and you need not be worried about how it will fare under the attention of your dog. It is equipped to handle dogs. 

Firstly, it is shed resistant so you can expect the fabric of the blanket to be kept in place for a while. The fabric is also suitable for all regular four seasons, hence, it will work well in the dog house. 

The Pet Fusion blanket has a double reversible layer and you can decide to use anyone of these layers as the right side up.  

It is machine washable, so you don’t need to worry about the trouble of hands washing the blanket. Pet Fusion Pet blanket also comes with a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects. 

Most users were very pleased with the soft texture and durability of the blanket. Even after washing the fabric severally, it maintains its shape. 


  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Shed resistant fabric.
  • Machine washable blanket.
  • Sizes

Small: 31 × 27 square inches

Medium: 44 × 34 square inches. 

Large: 53 × 41 square inches.

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Expawlorer Pet Blanket — Air Permeable

This is a pretty pet blanket that comes in large or small sizes and is sure to leave your pet dog looking cozy and comfortable in their dog house. 

Its ultra-soft plush material is made from coral fleece. Its special design makes it air permeable which provides even more comfortability for your pet. It is shed resistant and its colors won’t fade in time so you can expect this blanket to last for a long while. 

While it is not exactly designed to be used outdoors, as it isn’t waterproof, it could certainly suffice as cozy bedding for your pet dog. It is also machine washable; hence it is easy to clean and care for. 

Most users are very impressed with this blanket’s softness and durability. The fact that it is machine washable is also a plus for the item.


  • Made with soft, ultra-plush coral fleece material. 
  • Shed resistant.
  • Machine washable
  • Available in brown, pink or purple. 
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Rugs are another viable option for dog beddings in the dog house. They offer pretty much the same as blankets do. Most rugs come with a rubberized base to keep them in place and to protect them from moisture. 

One disadvantage that rugs have when compared with blankets is that they are not as suitable as blankets in cold weather. With blankets they could be folded and wrapped around the dog. This is not practicable for most rugs. 

Rugs with long individual fibres generally provide more comfort and warmth for dogs than those with shorter fibres. However if your dog likes to chew, rugs with long fibres are not advisable. 

Three Of The Best Rugs You Could Buy As Dog Beddings

Soggy Doggy Dog Mat — Super Absorbent

Soggy Doggy’s dog mat was initially designed as a doorway mat to be used in homes that have an indoor pet. Yet, it is still usable as a dog mat in dog houses. 

The mat is made with microfiber chenille and it is super absorbent. It was specifically designed to absorb water and dirt like a sponge particularly to protect surfaces. Therefore, if you intend to use this in a dog house, it will require frequent washing. 

Luckily the mat is machine washable, making frequent cleaning less burdensome. It also dries pretty quickly while remaining odor free, well, that’s according to the manufacturers. 

Its durability makes it good enough to serve as bedding for your dog. As is the case with many dog mats, it has a no-slip backing to ensure it stays in place and prevents moisture from getting into it from the floor. 

Many users are pretty impressed with the mat’s absorbent material. Also, the fact that it is machine washable is a huge plus for a very absorbent mat. 


  • Available in large and extra-large sizes
  • Available in 8 different colors
  • Super absorbent material.
  • Machine washable.
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Furhaven Pet Dog Mat — Comfortable

Furhaven’s pet dog mat is a beautiful piece. You’ll love it and so will your dog. It is made with a collection of microfibers chenille fingers. This gives the dog mat a soft and comfy surface. 

The surface of the Furhaven’s dog mat is gentle to dog noses and paws. So, you can be sure your dog will find a lot of comfort while using this piece. 

This mat is also designed to be very absorbent. It will easily absorb water, moisture and will also trap pet debris. Because of this, it’s important that the mat is washed as often as possible if it will be used in a dog house. 

Whatever the size of the dog house is, you’ll find a blanket that is a close fit. This mat is machine washable and, therefore, easy to clean. If your dog likes to chew a lot, this mat is not ideal for it. 

Many customers who have bought this item are impressed with the comfort that it offers their dogs, with many dogs taking a liking to it. Many users have also attested to the durability of the dog mat


  • Super absorbent material
  • Luxuriously soft surface.
  • Available in mud brown, sand, blue and charcoal grey colors. 
  • Machine washable
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Cheerhunting Dog Mat — Serves For Outdoor Use

The Cheerhunting Dog mat is a large sized dog mat. This mat is made of oxford clothing and is water resistant. This makes it ideal for all weather conditions and fit for outdoor use. Any water or rain drops that get to the mat can simply be wiped off with a cloth.

The mat is durable and is made with refined stitching. This makes it chew resistant. It is also scratch resistant and claw resistant. Despite these qualities, it is not recommended for aggressive chewers. 

The unit can either be machine or hand washed. It is a portable mat and can easily be folded and carried when traveling. The mat is fitted with an anti-slip and anti-sliding backside to keep it in place. 


  • Waterproof dog mat
  • Made from oxford cloth. 
  • Chew resistant, scratch resistant and claw resistant.
  • Machine washable
  • Portable and foldable.
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Dog Beds

Quite obviously, dog beds are the best options for dog bedding in a dog house. It’s not difficult to imagine that if given a choice, most dogs will opt for a dog bed ahead of all other bedding alternatives. 

However, not many dog beds are specifically designed for outdoor use. This means you must be on the lookout for high quality dog beds, if this is your item of choice for the beddings of a dog house. 

Any dog bed that will be out in a dog house must be durable, especially if it will be used in winter. 

If weather resistant dog beds prove too difficult to come by, you could consider buying a waterproof cover that will protect the fabric of the dog bed. That said, let’s show you some of the exciting dog beds that will be fit for use in a dog house. 

Four of the Best Dog Beds You Can Use in a Dog House

Brindle Memory Foam Dog Bed — Orthopedic

Just as it is indicated in its name, the Brindle Dog bed is fitted with a 3-inch layer of orthopedic shredded memory foam fill. 

This memory foam eliminates any pressure points on the bed and it also enhances breathability of the bed. All these combine to make the bed more comfortable for the dog. 

The bed is comfortable and soft. It has a support consistency that helps it to conform to weight and pressure in order to relieve joint aches and arthritis. 

It is an ideal dog bed for dogs suffering from joint pain and arthritis. It is also perfect for much older dogs. 

This bed has a microsuede cover for more comfort. It can be removed from the bed and cleaned in a washing machine. However, the bed pad itself cannot be washed in a washing machine. The high durability of this dog bed makes it ideal for outdoor use. 


  • Has a 3-inch layer of orthopedic shredded memory foam fill. 
  • Machine washable cover 
  • Available in 7 sizes and 4 colors. 
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Furhaven Pet Dog Bed — Various Options

Furhaven’s Pet dog bed comes in various styles. These are the cooling gel foam and the memory or orthopedic foam.  

Furhaven’s dog bed is made from a durable poly canvas fabric. This fabric has been treated with a water-resistant coating.

The “egg crate” designed base of the bed helps to evenly distribute the dog’s body weight. This effect soothes pressure points and also promotes better air circulation. All these contribute to more comfortable, deeper and restorative sleep. 

The bed is easy to clean. The cover of the bed can be easily removed, and machine washed. The bed is not suitable for dogs that like to chew on objects, though. 


  • Comes in cooling gel foam or orthopedic foam style. 
  • Made from durable poly canvas fabric.
  • It is water resistant
  • Available in 35 colors and patterns. 
  • Available in small, medium, large, jumbo and jumbo plus sizes. 
  • Machine washable bed cover.
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K&H Pet Products Orthopedic Pet Bed — Environmentally Friendly

The K&H pet bed is designed with a supportive waterproof core. It is designed for arthritic and active pets. The foam of the dog bed is comfortable and is also waterproof. The core of the mattress is about 2-inches thick. It is also lightweight and is quite portable. 

The “noodle foam” core of this dog bed is 100% recyclable. This environmentally friendly feature is a plus. 

The cover of the dog bed is UV treated and the material is fade resistant, testifying to its durability. Thanks to the mesh, center cover and waterproof filing, you can expect no moisture issues with this dog bed. 

Also, washing the dog bed is easy. You can hose off, hand wash or machine wash the dog bed cover. 


  • Available in chocolate or lime green colors. 
  • Waterproof foam. 
  • Lightweight and portable bed. 
  • Fade resistant bed. 
  • Machine washable.
  • 100% recyclable bed core.
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Pet Craft Supply Dog Bed — Chew-Resistant

This dog bed comes in two sizes ranging from medium to large. It is also available in three colors – cloud, pewter and chocolate. 

The bed is made with durable chew-resistant polyester fabric. It has a durable channeled liner to ensure that the poly-fil stuffing of the bed is kept in place irrespective of the dog’s actions. 

The dog bed is UV streamed and the material is fade resistant. It is also water resistant. The cover directs water droplets away and this prolongs the lifespan of the dog bed


  • Available in three colors – cloud, pewter and chocolate.
  • Chew resistant
  • Fade resistant
  • Machine washable
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Things To Look Out for When Selecting Appropriate Beddings for a Dog House


  • When buying blankets, consider the size of the blanket with respect to the space in the dog house. The good thing about blankets is that oversized blankets can be folded in the dog house. 

Dog’s that like to burrow will also find a way to get under the sheets. So, oversized blankets are not the worst things. However, you still need the blanket to fit into the dog house. 

  • You need to look out for the material of the blanket. The blanket is to aid the comfort of the dog while it sleeps. Look out for soft materials that will be able to act as a cushion for the dog. 
  • Blankets with heavy duty seams and stitching will prevent or discourage the dog from chewing at them. Heavy duty seams are tougher to chew on. Except your dog is an aggressive chewer, with these kinds of blankets you can rest a bit easier without being too bothered about your dog chewing it to pieces. 
  • Odor Resistant Blankets should be looked out for. Evidently, the blankets will get soiled by the dog and this will lead to terrible odor. 

Odor resistant blankets will at least minimize the chances of having a smelly dog house. Of course, this does not reduce the importance of washing the dog blanket weekly.


  • When buying rugs for the dog house, the size is important. Rugs will not be as easily foldable as blankets are. 

So, you need to take the measurements of the interior of the dog house. Truly, you can cut oversized rugs into shape, but it will still be a waste of money to buy an oversized rug. 

  • Choose rugs with shorter piles, as these will be harder to chew on. Rugs with longer piles will easily be destroyed by dogs that like to chew. 
  • The material of the rug is also important. Wool and Nylon materials are very resilient and durable options that you could consider. However, wool rugs are very expensive and difficult to maintain. Polyester rugs are also okay. 

Dog Beds

  • One of the most important things to consider when buying a dog bed is the size of the dug bed. The most painful thing you could do, is to buy a dog bed that cannot fit into the dog house. Also ensure the dug bed is the right size for the dog. Always look out for the size measurements in the description of the dog beds you intend to buy. 
  • Consider the age of the dog. Older dogs are best served with orthopedic beds. The same goes for sick and arthritic dogs. Look for dogs with extra padding for older dogs. 
  • The material of the dog bed is also important. For cooling materials, consider nylon and linen fabrics. For warming materials, look out for polyester materials. 

For dogs that shed a lot, choose synthetic microfibers such as micro suede or micro fleece. These materials have small fibres and won’t easily attract or trap hair. 

Fleece materials embedded with water resistant fabric beneath are very useful and you could look out for them and other water-resistant dog beds.

Our Top Picks

The following items are our top picks for each type of dog bedding. We believe they will serve you best in a dog house. 

Best Blanket – Pet Fusion Premium Pet Blanket

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Best Rug/Mat – Furhaven Pet Dog Mat

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Best Dog Bed – Furhaven’s Pet Dog Bed 

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Generally, we believe that a dog bed serves as the most comfortable and the safest bedding type for a dog house. So, if we were to make an overall pick it would certainly be the Furhaven’s Pet Dog Bed.

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